Reiki for Adults & Kids

As adults, we know when it is time for self-care. Often when we feel overwhelmed or anxious, we book a treatment at a spa, see a Reiki Practitioner, or get a pedicure as a way to rejuvenate. Kids need this type of care too!

Reiki can be both a powerful and gentle way for you and your child to feel balanced and renewed.  Reiki has long been used as a tool for healing - not as a “cure” but as a way of receiving beneficial healing energy from the practitioner. Both you and your child can utilize this energy in your own journey of healing or finding tranquility.


Benefits of receiving Reiki can include:

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Relief of stress and anxiety

  • Assist with settling into a bedtime routine or falling asleep

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Energizing yet balancing the whole body and energy centers

  • Encouraging mental clarity

  • Strengthening self-esteem


During an in-person Reiki session, the hands of the practitioner will float over the person receiving the treatment, or the hands will lay gently on them with no pressure.  A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the person, which promotes relaxation, releases tension, and provides healing energy. Virtual Reiki or Distance Reiki can be done with the practitioner and the person receiving Reiki in two different places!  I have the ability to send Reiki energy to you or your child no matter where you are!


While an adult Reiki session consists of 30-60 minutes laying still, a child’s Reiki session with Tranquil Little one is different. I understand that not all children are comfortable laying still, and having your child feel comfortable is integral to how we plan a session.  I will provide healing energy to your child, and it can be done while the child is moving around or laying still (typically depends on age), while they are sleeping or getting ready for bed and can change from appointment to appointment as needed!


"Krista has done long distance Reiki on both of my children and it has worked wonders. She's been able to work with my older daughter during times of stress and help her find clarity. Her long distance Reiki has also provided comfort to one of my children during a horrible ear infection and I believe her Reiki was the only thing that settled my child after she had a surgical procedure.


Krista is an extremely talented Reiki practitioner and I'm truly grateful for the long distance services she's been able to provide to both of my children."