Everyone Needs a Break!

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Warmer weather is here but let's remember,

  • our kids might not be moving with mind/body connection as much as they should be

  • they might feel overwhelmed and fatigued (you might feel that way too!)

  • practicing mindfulness to keep them balanced and focused might be a challenge

  • it's difficult to slow down and take a deep breath to assist their body and mind for emotional support 

Your kids get movement. You get a break.



"My five year old daughter has loved doing yoga with Krista and looks forward to the weekly virtual meetings. 


Krista is able to connect so well with children and engage them

(which is no easy task to do remotely)! 


It's been so fun to watch my daughter practice yoga poses all over the house and re-tell stores from class.  A highlight of the week!"

 - Alyssa

Have you tried to put kids yoga on YouTube and after a short time your kids were no longer interested?   

You were hoping for a break but didn't get it? I completely understand because

I have been there too.  I wanted my kiddos to get up and move around and

follow someone else's lead so I could read a book in peace!


Let me help you! I teach kids movement and strategies to help them

work out that pent up energy. I am a fun, interactive, friendly, compassionate

teacher who provides a safe way to get your kiddos moving, breathing,

being mindful, and learning coping strategies.

Yes, if sessions are virtual it's more screen time,

BUT it is screen time with huge value for the body and mind!

AND now that warm weather is here if you are within 20 miles of Hudson, MA

and have outdoor space, we can do sessions socially distant outside!  

In this 1:1 interactive movement program, I keep your kiddos engaged, using their imagination, and keep them moving for 30-minutes!

  • movement to get their energy out

  • learn mindfulness

  • learn coping strategies to use during difficult times

  • end with deep breathing to regulate emotions



My daughter's favorite time of the week is her

one-on-one yoga time with Krista!

I wasn't sure how yoga would work with a 3 year old, but Krista keeps her completely engaged through use of story, yoga poses, and song.

The breathing exercises that Krista has taught her have helped her calm herself when she is upset, and the combination of enrichment, entertainment, and life skills that she gets out of it is truly fantastic.


Program Details

Happy Little Girl
For Your Kiddo
  • Six - 30 minute one on one sessions

  • Individualized, interactive and fun zooms (or in person if outside depending on location)

  • Active yoga/movement, 

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Breathing techniques

  • Brain organization skills

  • Guided meditation or visualization

  • Something to look forward to weekly!

Happy Young Woman
For You
  • Two Optional Bonus Parental Strategy Sessions For FREE:

    • Initial “get to know you” strategy session to review your family’s needs

    • Feedback session to create more positive habits in your home and empower you with tools

  • All options tailored to your family's physical and emotional needs!!

Everyone Needs a Break Package
Mother and Daughter Love
For Your Family

Which do you need?

  • Strategies for daytime to get their minds organized 

  • Easy ways to incorporate movement throughout the day

  • Making mindfulness a habit

  • Tips for evening to bring the energy down and transition to bedtime

  • A little bit of everything?!?


"My two children (ages 7 and 5) have been attending yoga 

with Krista for a few months now. 

Krista is able to keep their attention and help them focus 100%.

She provides such a enriching session and is incredibly positive. I

love how much my kids enjoy their time with her, and that they look

forward to it every week."


- Sarah

Let's give everyone in your family the break they need as energy and excitement increases!
Book a quick 15 minute call to start.