Free 5-Step Handout


After hearing from multiple families that transitioning  into the "learning" time of day

has been hard for their kiddos, I had the idea for this 5-Step plan.  I am so excited to share it with you!

After filling out the quick form, you will soon receive a handout with 5 steps your children can follow

to better balance their body and mind as they prepare to sit and learn!  If your child is the type that

needs extra motivation, I have also created a tracker so they can check off that they did the work.  

You can always choose to add a small reward to thank them as well.  

That extra incentive works in our home, so many it will work for you too!

Join a Parenting Community!


Do you wish to find a community where you can feel seen, heard and supported in your parenting style?  Do you find you create, innovate and invent new ways to connect to your kiddo, motivate them and inspire them?!? 

Then I have just the Facebook group for you to join!


This creative parenting community will give you space to celebrate and share your parenting style. Parenting requires constant innovation as we understand our child's unique needs and learning styles. Motivating our kids and encouraging them to try new things can keep us on our toes. Use this space to share your creative ways, some wins you had, and also ask for help when you need it. 

Join today and get in on the fun!

Yoga Daily Activity Videos

These videos were originally posted on Facebook and there are occasional references to posts and comments.  Some of the videos are Facebook Lives so their structure is slightly different.  The idea behind the activity structure is so your kiddos can watch the quick video and then go and do the activities at their own pace. They can take their time and enjoy it!


*Starting on Day 2 a slide was added to the end of the video so you can pause there and see the entire written explanation.