Create the healthy relationship with
your child that you deeply desire

coping strategies & personalized tools to
create synergy & harmony between you & your child

take back control

for you • for your child • for your family

lead with your heart

Do you ever feel like your child is difficult or have you been told that by other people?

Do you feel flustered when they carry on or act out?

Struggling to parent your child in a way that feels really good to you?

If so, you’re in the right place. Your kid is worthy of a thriving life no matter what they are experiencing — it’s time to turn this ship around — are you ready to see your child differently?

I don’t believe in “difficult children” & I’m here to help

+ improve their physical literacy

+ empower a strong connection in their body + mind

+ implement strategies to slow down + release excess energy

+ build their confidence + self esteem

+ create opportunity for them to lead + create

+ harness their strengths

+ shift your focus from challenging issues to positive insights

+ effectively reduce big emotions 

+ develop a playbook for accessible tools

+ promote ways to create connection + harmony

+ provide support for you + your child



founder + educator at

Tranquil Little One

Here's How I Help

tailored strategies to empower you & your children through proven techniques, mindfulness, nervous-system regulation and more

1:1 Strategy
60 min session

great for when you don't know where to start

6 Week Private Support

1:1 tailored program
for optimal parent - child alignment

Local & Virtual
Yoga for Kids

movement & meditation designed to help your child connect their body, mind & breath

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What My Clients are Saying

"Krista has been an amazing asset in our child's journey...After each session she was able to tell us how he did, what to continue practicing, and the impact of each of the things she worked on...It was an invaluable experience for us."
 - Kaitlin

My Holistic Approach

I develop a tailored strategic framework of tools that create synergy & harmony between you and your child


Judgement Free Zone

Each child, each parent, each story is different and comes with unique circumstances. I am a safe space, who will listen, observe, support and not judge. I am a mom of two children with challenges of their own and I understand how overwhelming parenting can be at times.



Intentional movements can help your kid feel more balanced, stronger and coordinated in both their body & mind.  Intentional movement provides input to systems & senses that assist with nervous-system regulation.  Moving in patterns helps organize the mind while promoting focus, concentration & building strength.



I teach your child to practice present-moment-thinking. To activate their senses and look within their body for signs when certain emotions occur. I offer fun strategies to use as a healthy distraction for your child’s racing mind.



Deep breathing can become an essential skill your child utilizes in moments of need. In our work together, I show them fun and effective ways to make deep breathing easy & accessible — even when they’re stressed. Your child will discover how their breath can help them feel more in control and empowered.

Kids often don’t have the language to describe what is going on internally. It’s up to us to see them, meet them where they are and guide them through.

Want to learn how to do this without the frustration and overwhelm? 

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