What My Clients are Saying

"We weren't sure what to expect from our group of 9 Toddlers when we introduced them to Yoga; but in the first (and subsequent classes)  the children loved it!  They are engaged, content and becoming amazing mini yogis! 


We are so happy to have Miss Krista and Tranquil Little One as a part of Mighty Oaks!"


- Jennifer Lynch MEd

Founder/ Head of School

Mighty Oaks Montessori School

"Krista was incredibly engaging, fun and flexible.  She made accommodations, as needed and made yoga a memorable experience for our learners.”


"Yoga with Krista was great! The kids were always engaged and moving.  She kept the classes fun. We all enjoyed the songs and stories that accompanied the poses!”


"I highly recommend Tranquil Little One. 
Krista was reliable, engaging and accommodating. We can’t wait to continue practicing the skills she taught us and look forward to having her back again soon."


- Fitzgerald Community School

""Krista shared some amazingly helpful and simple exercises that successfully ground my 8 year old son. I loved the parent sessions because Krista explained just how and why the specific exercises she does with him help.  It was fascinating! At the most surprising times my son will mention doing "a Krista Exercise!"


Krista truly personalizes each session for the child, the parent sessions are beyond valuable and I have noticed I have more tools to diffuse situations or help him ground and center."


- Stephanie

"Krista has been an amazing asset in our child’s journey. She has such a kind, supportive, and understanding way of working with kids.

She is knowledgeable about not only yoga and its benefits but about how to work with children and make them feel comfortable.

After each session Krista was able to tell us how he did, what to continue practicing, and the impact of each of the things she worked on. We love Krista and would recommend her to anyone looking to incorporate yoga into their child’s routine! It was an invaluable experience for us."


- Kaitlin

"My kiddos eagerly await their call with Miss Krista every week!
If you’ve been feeling the call to bring her in to support your family,

doooooooooo it.

Seriously, best decision ever. My kids are so happy, I’m getting support and learning new things, and everyone is benefiting from her deep and magical work."

- Kyley

"I was so excited to see Tranquil Little One's 6 week private support offering. My three-year-old was really excited about the idea of having something special to look forward to and I was amazed at how well Krista was able to connect with her even over Zoom.  I also loved the chance to gather some new strategies with Krista during the two parent sessions.


I am so grateful to have this new set of tools in my toolkit and to have introduced my daughter to mindfulness and movement in such an empowering way! 


Thank you again for this experience - you are such a gift!"


- Mandy

"What I appreciated most about having

Krista work with my son was how quickly she could adapt or change her overall plan if he was distracted or focused on something else. 

She would adjust quickly, he would stay engaged and she was still able to meet the overall goal of the session! I watched my son's core strength, coordination, balance and ability to slow his body down grow each week they worked together. I learned helpful tools that I can easily use when I need to help calm him, help get his energy out, or help focus his attention. Working with Krista was a wonderful experience for my family."

- Yvette

"Thank you for creating this class and providing a space for these kids to learn such powerful tools.  It was heartwarming to see them learning from you, so many different techniques to calm their mind and body whenever they feel they need it. After classes my daughter and I talked about how helpful that can be in so many situations and how it’s something  that you can do without anybody even noticing.

My daughter really got so much more out of it than I could have anticipated. You could literally see the difference in one session. 

From having me next to her through the first class, to going in and doing it on her own in the last class.  
We will definitely be returning!"


- Jamie

"Krista is great! I went to a class with my two toddlers and she was compassionate,
kind, high energy and you can tell she really loves what she does.

She was completely not phased by my kids wandering around.


She adapted the class for a wide range of ages and included moms, it was lots of fun!"

 - Lexy

"My five year old daughter has loved doing yoga with Krista and looks forward to the weekly virtual meetings. 


Krista is able to connect so well with children and engage them (which is no easy task to do remotely)! 


It's been so fun to watch my daughter practice yoga poses all over the house and re-tell stores from class.
A highlight of the week!"

 - Alyssa

"My daughter's favorite time of the week is her  one-on-one yoga time with Krista!

I wasn't sure how yoga would work with a 3 year old, but Krista keeps her completely
engaged through use of story, yoga poses, and song.

The breathing exercises that Krista has taught her have helped her calm herself when she is upset, and the combination of enrichment, entertainment, and life skills that she gets out of it is truly fantastic."

- Lindsay

"My two children (ages 7 and 5) have been attending yoga  with Krista for a few months now. 

Krista is able to keep their attention and help them focus 100%.

She provides such a enriching session and is incredibly positive. I love how much my kids enjoy their time with her, and that they look  forward to it every week."


- Sarah

"Both of my daughters (6 & 4) attended a yoga class with Krista and


they absolutely loved it and have been begging to do it again.


Krista has patience with the kiddos and makes the class fun! They can’t wait to start up weekly classes and practice yoga with her all the time!"


- Lori