Holistic Wellness for Children & Parents

In our busy world there isn’t much downtime for our children, and anxiety and regulation issues are seemingly more common. Often times parents are left feeling lost about how to help their children find a sense of calm. The good news is that there are easy things you can do at home to support your child’s emotional well-being. Learn how to empower your children with simple strategies through personalized in-home sessions or classes with Tranquil Little One.

Classes will include a mix of interactive yoga poses & flows, breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques all while having fun!  In home sessions provide customized yoga specific to your child and can also include Reiki healing.  All of this can be done in your home without the stress of packing up for an appointment or traveling to a studio. You can also learn how to utilize essential oils daily to assist your children with their emotional wellness. These customized strategies can help your child feel connected and more comfortable in their own skin. You can use these tips and tricks during times of stress or when your child’s feeling “off,” such as after school and at the end of the day.

I have combined my training as a certified kids yoga instructor, Reiki Practitioner, over 20 years of working with children as a dance instructor, and my personal experience as a parent of children with anxiety and sensory processing issues to develop gentle methods that can help your family in a way that will work best for you and your children. 

My daughter describes her anxiety as “feeling wiggly in her body,” and she can’t find the words she wants to say because her brain isn’t calm. Children are often asked to sit still or “wait a minute” but haven’t been taught how to slow down properly. In working with my children over time, they now have tools and coping skills to manage their body when it feels “wiggly” or stressed, even when I’m not around! At Tranquil Little One, the goal is to share this success with other families and to empower both you and your child with a path to tranquility in your own home.