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My child’s behavior triggers me.

I feel like I don’t know how to parent them.
Why do I feel this way?
Why does this happen and how can I make it stop?

Imagine Cooperation instead of struggle, feels good, right?

In this 6 to 8 week private support program I will assist you in finding new ways to parent your child by creating a personalized set of tools specific to your needs and your child's needs. You share your challenges and concerns, I interact with your child in playful sessions to learn how movement and mindfulness will benefit them, and then we connect the dots!


You will know the why behind what they are doing which allows you to connect to your child in a way their mind and body will respond to. In your Parenting Take 2, you respond to them in a way that they feel seen, heard and supported.

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How it works


Parent Session to Prioritize & Prepare

You share with me what makes parenting difficult as we go through a customized checklist designed to find themes and patterns.


Getting to know your child

Working one on one with your child in six sessions, using intentional movement, mindfulness games and more, I begin to develop a list of strategies and tools that help your child. Promoting their regulation is key to how we parent!


Parent Session to Provide Your Toolkit

At the end of the one on one sessions with your child, we meet again and you receive a personalized list of strategies and tools that will help you and your child. You are now ready to start your Parenting Take 2 journey!

What I Work On With You!
The Result
Providing a visual menu specific to the child based on their feedback
Allowing self lead regulation with little intervention from the parent
Supporting your challenges by giving you a safe space and judgement free zone to share
Targeting the challenges you experience as a parent, learning what your child is experiencing in their body and mind and connecting the dots with strategies that will work!
What I Work On With Your Child
The Results
Learning self monitoring and self awareness
Allowing your child to be in the driver’s seat and make choices on how to feel regulated.
Sensory System Exploration
Providing a safe and fun environment for children to explore movement that will feed their sensory systems to promote regulation.
Integrating Crossing the MidLine
Learning to move both sides of their body helps them regulate as both sides of their brain have to communicate causing synergy. I bet this is a new perspective!
Building Core Muscle Strength
Developing support and stamina within their center will help them for their day of sitting and learning, seeing less overall fatigue
Helping them find stillness in their body
Having more muscle tone will help your child fidget less and leave them feeling more secure in their body. This promotes stillness!
Improving Balance and Coordination
Increasing this will help your child move more confidentially and self assured. Will also improve attention & focus.

Ready for a second chance on parenting?

Parenting often veers far from our initial expectations. Instead of smooth sailing, we're confronted with power struggles, anxious or angry children, bedtime delays, school resistance, after-school disappointments, and a constant anticipation of the next hurdle. It can feel like we're merely navigating from one issue to the next, disconnected from our child. But what if there's a different perspective?


I offer a fresh approach to understanding your child's challenges. Parenting classes for newborns might have missed crucial insights, so I'm here to fill in those gaps. By learning about senses, systems, and child development, I can shed light on the what, how, and why behind your child's behavior. Armed with this knowledge, you'll shift from feeling triggered to feeling understanding. This understanding will empower you, boosting your confidence to make nurturing, effective choices in your parenting journey, rooted in love. 

It’s your chance for a take two on parenting!

"I was so excited to see Tranquil Little One's 6 week private support offering. My three-year-old was really excited about the idea of having something special to look forward to and I was amazed at how well Krista was able to connect with her even over Zoom.  I also loved the chance to gather some new strategies with Krista during the two parent sessions.


I am so grateful to have this new set of tools in my toolkit and to have introduced my daughter to mindfulness and movement in such an empowering way! 


Thank you again for this experience - you are such a gift!"


- Mandy

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