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Yoga for Kids

With yoga, or intentional movement, your child can override their stress response and learn to develop:

+ Mental focus   + Balance   + Physical focus   + Flexibility   + Strength

Relaxing the body’s stress response can positively influence areas of their daily life, including:


+ Concentration & learning   + Decision making   + Sleep   + Thought organization   + Creative thinking 

+ Confidence and self-esteem   + Controlled reactions   + Self-regulation

Yoga Poses

The physical component of yoga is the exercise of completing and moving through yoga poses and “flows” (a series of poses together) that connects the body, mind, and breath. Yoga poses are designed to open joints as well as stretch and strengthen the muscles. They can also move lymph through the body, which plays an important role in how well the immune system functions. Some poses have specific effects, such as waking up communication between the right and left sides of the brain, or increasing concentration skills.


Breathing can be a powerful tool to help change how your child feels. When they learn to breathe deeply, children can interrupt the stress hormone response and soothe their own nervous system. They can even use their breath to energize their body or clear their minds all by themselves.


  • A “Take 5” breath can help settle their anxious feelings at school

  • Using “Bunny Breaths” can help them concentrate on homework

  • Some “Buddy Breathing” with their favorite stuffed animal can calm the mind at the end of the day


Have you ever seen a child play outside, and pause for a moment while they look up to the sky? They are taking a mindful minute and observing their surroundings. Being present in the moment allows us to see things as they are, without an emotional response. It allows us to be more patient and compassionate towards ourselves and others.

Your child will learn mindfulness practices or activities that focus on using all 5 senses. We will use moments of silence, visualization exercises, and activities that promote intentional movements and thought patterns. Once your child has discovered that place of tranquility within themselves and become more connected through mindfulness activities, they will long to return to that place of stillness. You as the parent can incorporate these practices or activities into your child’s daily routine.​

Kids Yoga Class Options

tailored strategies to empower you & your children through proven techniques, mindfulness, nervous-system regulation and more

Virtual or
In Home Sessions

I will work one on one with your child virtually or in your home if you are local!

These sessions are perfect for those that don't have time to travel to the studio, or for children that have social anxieties or challenges that make coming to a class in a studio difficult, or feel safer during these times of COVID to stay home.

Your child will...

  • explore how to get extra energy out, calm the body and quiet the mind

  • build strength, balance, focus and coordination through movement

  • Together we can...strategize how to add movement, breathing, mindfulness and other strategies to your child’s day to day routine

Studios, Schools or Community Groups

Classes are tailored to the
specific age of the group from toddlers up to Middle School students.

Tranquil Little One brings yoga virtually or in person to you and your students at school, daycare, community center, town library, playgroup, or after-school program! Classes are tailored to the specific age of the group from toddlers up to Middle School students. They can be taught to your students in a gym, meeting room or right in the classroom. These classes are structured to be interactive and fun!

Classes include...

  • yoga poses and flows

  • breathing techniques

  • mindfulness practices

  • lots of fun!

Age Groups include:

  • Baby and Caregiver

  • Tot and Caregiver

  • Toddler/Preschool

  • Storytime Yoga

  • Elementary School

  • Middle School

  • Tween/Teen Classes

  • Family yoga classes

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