Essential Oils for Children

Using essential oils has been an integral part of my family’s happiness and well-being in times of stress or inability to self-regulate as well as in our day to day routine.  My daughter has learned which oils can change how she feels, and my son knows which oils will improve clarity in his thinking. At Tranquil Little One, I bring my experience and research to help your family explore if essential oils can help you.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are a natural aromatic compound found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. While many are used for their pleasing and soothing aromas alone, most essential oils (when diluted properly if needed) can be applied topically on the skin to provide lasting benefits to the body.

Are they safe?  
Yes, essential oils are natural and are considered safe when used properly. But it’s important to use quality therapeutic grade essential oils. Not all essential oils sold in stores are 100% pure and they may even contain synthetic additives and fillers. This is why I recommend doTerra essential oils. To learn more about why Tranquil Little One utilizes doTERRA essential oils, click here for more information on the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality of their product.

How can we use them?
Tranquil Little One has developed a list of oils and special blends to help children feel their best, depending on their mood and the situation - whether it’s getting focused, calming down, or simply improving the mood. Essential oils can be used in room sprays, nasal inhalers, diffusers, and rollers (for skin application). We’ll create a safe and easy daily plan so that your family can start to enjoy the benefits of using essential oils.


"Krista is an amazing wealth of knowledge and an incredible resource for helping my anxious child. She has provided me with great information about various essential oils for his emotional health. One of the most useful products for my son was the nose inhalers. They travel most places with us and he also uses them in school. He has learned which inhaler helps him with different feelings and situations and uses them appropriately to help him regulate himself. He is able to use them pretty independently now and both he and I see a huge difference in his emotional state in different environments when he uses them. He is comfortable, relaxed, and confident which is a big shift from when he was unsettled, anxious, and exhibiting problematic behaviors. In addition, Krista is just an overall great person! Easy to talk to and truly genuine."